the community of human qualities


    Being Together is composed by:

    • Personal growth experiences offered in the workshops
    • A new way to work and live together that we want to create in the Urban Village
    • Non-profit workshops and exchange groups
    • The attitude of being imperfect




    What links all of this is a simple question:


    What is living, working and being together?



    We don't have the answer, don't worry


    it seems more important to us

    that anyone can have the chance, the freedom

    to explore and live that question


    to have the experience of practicing being


    a new way to work and live together



    Imagine a place

    where arts, food, music, nature and sense of community are blended


    An environment where people can explore

    new ways to work, live

    and be together


    This is

    the Urban Village


    sharing, growing, expanding



    Personal growth as mutual growth trough:

    • The Village of Voices
    • Sociocracy and NVC
    • Circle Music with deaf people
    • Cooking Sounds
    • Exchange Group
    • Study group